YKYW's Cycling Lesson🚴‍♂️|Six bad habits of cycling, see how many of them you have?

YKYW's Cycling Lesson🚴‍♂️|Six bad habits of cycling, see how many of them you have?

When we first start riding, we will form our own habits
regardless of the good or bad
But if you don't develop good riding habits
in the event of an emergency
Not only will it affect your own safety
Can even be dangerous to other cyclists and pedestrians
Therefore, we must develop good cycling habits
First follow the traffic rules
Don't run a red light, don't go the wrong way
Do not change lanes at will to avoid traffic accidents

riding without a helmet
Although bicycles are non-motorized vehicles, and many people commute by bicycle, everyone should know that even if it is very easy to reach a speed of 20 or 30 on urban roads, if an accident occurs at this speed, you will definitely fall badly, so please wear your helmet when riding. This is the minimum respect for cycling and the responsibility for your own safety.

riding with one hand
Unless there are special circumstances, try not to ride with one hand. If you meet a rider to say hello, especially on a downhill road, the probability of crashing while riding with one hand is quite high. Just nod at this time to avoid crashing.

Cycling while talking on the phone
Don’t ride on the phone while riding, at least stop on the side of the road before answering the phone~
There are also some friends who like to record vlogs, so please use the sports camera to fix it on the car, don’t hold it while riding while shooting, when your eyes leave the road and shift to the mobile phone, the danger often happens in these few seconds. There are also some riders who wear earphones when traveling for the convenience of making and receiving calls, but this behavior is also quite dangerous. The sound of the earphones will cover the important signal sound on the road and distract attention.

wearing clothing that obstructs vision
Do not wear clothing that obstructs your vision while riding, such as wearing a hat that is attached to your clothes when the weather is cold. When you turn your head, you will find that the hat does not turn with it, and then you will lose sight. Therefore, it is recommended to choose YKYW professional cycling clothing.

tie the coat around the waist
This is absolutely not advisable. Once the wheel is involved, it will cause the car to roll over. It is okay to be handsome, but it must be under the premise of safety. This is very important, especially for those who love to be handsome while riding.

follow the car too closely
It is necessary to keep a safe distance of two cars from the vehicle in front. It is safe for everyone and yourself. Check the damage of the parts of the vehicle before going out, so that you can better control when you encounter emergencies. In the event of a rear-end collision + scratch accident, the responsibility lies with the rear.

night ride
When riding at night in the dark, equip yourself and your bike with lighting so you can be seen. Therefore, it is recommended to choose YKYW professional reflective cycling clothing, and decorate the helmet and frame with as many reflective materials as possible, so as to avoid accidents caused by motor vehicles not being able to see you in all seasons.