YKYW's Cycling Lesson🚴‍♂️|From Scratch: How Beginners Improve Cycling Endurance Step by Step

YKYW's Cycling Lesson🚴‍♂️|From Scratch: How Beginners Improve Cycling Endurance Step by Step

I believe that every rider has a dream of riding far away
I want to take a walk-and-go trip
But achieving it requires conscious training of endurance in daily riding
Gradually increase the time and distance of the ride
Allow the body to gradually adapt to longer periods of exercise

01 Weekly Endurance Ride:

The frequency of endurance riding does not need to be too high, basically once a week, but the riding distance must be long enough. Several studies have shown that a long-distance endurance ride can increase plasma ion concentrations and medium-chain fatty acid concentrations

02 Minimum two hours of riding time:

For riders of different levels, the appropriate time for endurance riding is different. However, keeping at least 2 hours of riding time is a basic operation. If conditions permit, it must be more than 2 hours of endurance riding.

03 Low-intensity riding:

That is, in the process of endurance riding, the intensity should not be too high. The most important thing is to maintain a long-term long-distance riding. lost its meaning

04 Increase intensity and difficulty:

After gradually adapting to a certain intensity, you can gradually increase the intensity and difficulty of riding, such as increasing the uphill section, increasing the speed, etc., to stimulate further body adaptation and increased endurance

05 Maintain adequate rest and nutrition:

During cycling, the body will consume a lot of energy and water, which needs to be replenished in time; at the same time, ensuring adequate sleep and rest will help the body recover and improve endurance

06 A variety of sports combined:

In addition to cycling, it can also be combined with other sports, such as swimming, running, etc.; to improve the overall quality and endurance of the body

07 Keep riding all year round:

Six high-intensity sessions are enough to improve a rider, but for longer rides, it takes a lot of accumulation to bring benefits. This means that we need to make long-distance endurance riding throughout the year