YKYW's Cycling Lesson🚴‍♂️|Riding in the Rain, How to Protect Yourself and Your Bike?

YKYW's Cycling Lesson🚴‍♂️|Riding in the Rain, How to Protect Yourself and Your Bike?

Now turn on your phone to check the weather
Rainy days have become a daily routine in summer
But I can't hold back my desire to ride a bike
Share with you some precautions for riding in rainy days,Let everyone improve the comfort of riding in rainy days under the premise of safety:

1. When riding in rainy days, you should choose a relatively flat route without too many obstacles. In addition, the riding speed should also be slowed down appropriately, so as to better control the bicycle.

2. Check whether you have the equipment for riding in rainy days before going out:
(1) Breathable raincoats with bright colors can play a role in preventing rain and warning safety. It is recommended to focus on the two-piece raincoat, which will not affect the smoothness of the one-piece ride.

(2) You can wear a windproof and rainproof jacket or jacket vest inside. You can choose this jacket from ykywbike, which can play a certain role in preventing wind and rain.

(3) Wear waterproof gloves.

(4) Wear waterproof shoe covers.

(3) There are also waterproof bags, additional fenders or special rain-proof tire wheels, and rain-proof brake blocks. These special equipment can not only maintain riding performance, but also greatly increase safety.

3. Raindrops falling on the face will easily affect the cycling vision. At this time, you can add the brim of the helmet or wear these small caps and peaked caps from ykywbike to reduce the chance of getting wet on the face, and wearing cycling glasses can avoid direct rainwater intrusion Eyeballs, avoid rainwater directly affecting the eyesight.

4. Since rainwater is easy to increase the wear and tear of the bicycle, you must wash the vehicle with water after riding, but do not flush the bearing structure such as the hub or the center shaft. Finally, turn the car upside down and shake it to fully dry the water. The parts that are prone to rust should be maintained with relevant oil products.

5. On a slippery road, the braking distance will be longer, so brake in advance and avoid sudden braking. Also, be careful while turning to avoid turning too fast and losing control.

6. When riding in the rain, the sight may be affected by the rain. So be sure to keep a safe distance and avoid pedestrians and vehicles. You can install reflective logos on the bicycle, or you can choose some jackets or pants with reflective logos from ykywbike to improve your safety when riding in rainy days.

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