YKYW | Why do all the big guys in the cycling circle love the "double arrow" crotch pad cycling pants?

YKYW | Why do all the big guys in the cycling circle love the "double arrow" crotch pad cycling pants?

- Origin of Double Arrow Nickname -
Have you guys heard of Elastic Interface? It is the "double arrow" that is often said in the cycling circle. This is an Italian company specializing in the production of cycling pant crotch pads. Elastic means elasticity, Interface means interface, and Elastic Interface, as the name implies, is an elastic interface meaning, as a brand that focuses on cycling pant liners, they adopted a logo that looks like a "double arrow", which is also the origin of their nickname.

Just as Qualcomm chips rule high-end mobile phones, "Double Arrows" also rule the crotch pads of high-end cycling pants. Through years of continuous innovation and technology accumulation, the crotch pads they produce are highly breathable, moisture-wicking and sweat-wicking , wear resistance and elasticity, and can effectively relieve the discomfort caused by sitting for a long time when riding.

- A new era of cycling pants -
"Double Arrow" is the first brand in the industry to use elastic fabrics to make cycling pants liners. In the past, cycling pants without pads were hard to sit on. After years of research, Double Arrow has developed a soft, comfortable, Stretchy padding that better fits the rider's body brings cycling pants into a new era.

Since 2006, Double Arrow has cooperated with the Department of Biomedicine of the University of Padua in Italy to establish the EIT LAB laboratory to introduce more modern technology and realize innovation between square inches. With the help of modern medical technology, each liner of Double Arrow can not only meet the needs of sports at the beginning of design, but also has been tested by professional cyclists and experienced amateur riders during prototype design, improvement stage and mass production to ensure To ensure that each product can meet the expectations of the double arrows, and live up to every step.

The YKYWBIKE series of riding pants feature their new "Paris High Performance" liner, the PARIS HP MEN has ultra-high density inserts in the perineal and ischial area, making it ideal for on-road and off-road activities. The central axis is tailor-made according to special anthropometric data to ensure that the male physiological structure is supported on the saddle, so that the prostate is not compressed and beneficial to blood circulation.

[Paris High Performance] is a member of the [Long Distance Family], combining the advantages of multi-directional curvature and smooth surface; these two specifications can be perfectly matched to improve saddle stability and provide a gradual transition area. The perforation on the surface allows for higher breathability, which reduces skin temperature and reduces moisture, effectively relieving the discomfort caused by sitting for long periods of time while riding. Believe me, you will be hooked after you try it!

For example, YKYW's bib riding pants use the NICE MEN double arrow seat cushion, which is suitable for medium distances and has an extremely flat surface. Protect.

Like all men's bike mats in the Elastic Interface® line, the NICE MEN has a central channel that supports the male anatomy while in the saddle, relieves pressure on the prostate and promotes blood flow. NICE MEN uses ECO X-Tract top fabric with channel construction to help channel and transport moisture.      

All in all, the saddle is arguably the most important part of your cycling pants
An excellent pant pad can determine 50% of the experience of these cycling pants

And it also helps us to exert force when we pedal
Let us ride more easily and happily
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